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Contract & Answered questions

  • How far in advance do I need to order?
    Two weeks notice is needed to get you scheduled. I recommend booking as far in advance as possible to secure your date, as I am only able to accommodate so many orders per weekend. I am a one man band. Even if you are not ready to finalize your design, it's best to at least get you on the calendar.
  • I have a last minute order
    This is a popular choice, too. If I have the room, I will be happy to help, but 1) I cannot do anything with less than 72 hours notice. 2) I do not charge a rush fee but I also will not discount your cake for "simplicity" or you wanting to add decor yourself. 3) please respond to messages in a timely manner. Order and deposit must be received within 24 hours of contact. After 24 hours of no response, your order will be declined.
  • Do you need a deposit?
    Yes. 50% of your total is required to schedule. This deposit/payment is paid towards your order and reserve date. Your order is not considered booked until payment is received. Deposit is due within 48 hours of confirming your order. After 48 hours, orders and conversations are deleted. Payments are made online through a vast majority of cash apps. The remainder of your balance is due the day before pick up/delivery. Orders of $100 or less and orders with less than a weeks notice must be paid in full at the time of order .
  • Do you deliver?
    Yes, with a minimum order of $100. Delivery is $35 within 10 miles of 85304 with a $2 mile thereafter charge not to exceed 15 miles. Delivery is door drop off. There is an additional charge for venue delivery and having to set up an order.
  • Where are you located?
    I am located off of 63 Ave and Cactus. I bake from a home kitchen that is registered under the AZ cottage baking laws. You assume the responsibility with ordering from a home kitchen including but not limited to pets and people. I have a dog, Jimmy and Ducky the cat.
  • Can you accommodate dietary restrictions?
    Yes, to an extent. I can accomodate GF and dairy free cakes. Though I wouldn't say Gluten free, I would state it as gluten friendly. I am working in a kitchen that utilizes common allergens such as wheat, tree nuts and fruits. I do not offer sugar replacements or sugar free cakes, keto or egg free.
  • I need to cancel my order. What do I do?
    Hey, life happens. Reach out immediately. I hardly ever keep a deposit. I factor in the time, material and resources that I have put into the order. The sooner I know you need to cancel, the better. If you cancel within 7 days of pick-up, be prepared to lose your deposit. Rest assured, all ingredients & materials have been purchased at this point and orders were declined to accommodate your order. If you fail to pick up your cake on your scheduled date, cake will be held for 24 hours and then disposed of. No refunds.
  • Can I taste your cake before I order?
    Yes. Sampler packs are available for $25.00. They contain a 3 flavor neopolitan cake sampler and a minimun of 8 frosting flavors.
  • Why don't I see wedding cakes?
    Thats because I refuse to make them.
  • Why is my cake priced before I order?
    My cakes are priced based on servings and design. 99% of the time, I know you're looking for a fully decorated cake and I have priced accordingly. This includes buttercream with fondant details and toy toppers where needed. Licensed characters will always involve toy toppers for copyright intent. Semi naked cakes are priced less and fondant cakes (10%) and characters are priced more. Etsy toppers are an additional charge and require 3 weeks for shipping. I charge no more/less than what the artist charges and I will pick up shipping charge.
  • Will my cake look exactly like the picture?
    No. Your inspiration pictures serve as that, an inspiration. I am not able to duplicate exactly any cake design. I cant even re-design my own cakes. I really go out on a creative limb with cake designs. I factor in color, theme and overall vibe of your inspiration and do my best to come up with something unique.
  • How to store your cake:
    Cakes should be kept refrigerated up until an hour before serving. This isn’t for health reasons. We live in the desert and your cake will melt. You assume responsibility for your cake once it leaves my care. Refunds will not be issued if you mishandle your cake or disregard my care instructions.
  • Picking up your cake:
    Cakes should be placed on the floorboard of your car. Not in your lap and not in the trunk or seat. I will not be held responsible for damage due to you running the final lap in the Daytona 500. Saturday and Sunday pick ups are anytime from 8-12. Weekday pickups are by appointment from 8-6 with an hour window time frame. Weekday schedules are very time sensitive. If your window comes and goes; an hourly waiting charge of $10 will be applied to your order.
  • Making it this far:
    Are you still with me? Awesome. That means I dont have to answer alot of questions when you place your order. Mention code "giveme10" while ordering for 10% off . I am unable to honor 10% off if you are giving me less than 2 weeks notice. Thats kind of breaking rule #1.
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